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Child Development Inventory


Overview: A 300-item parent questionnaire that assesses the development, symptoms, and behavior problems of young children.

Age Range: 15 months-6 years

Completion Time: 30-50 minutes


Product Details

Comprehensive parent questionnaire

The new Child Development Inventory replaces the original Minnesota Child Development Inventory. The CDI gives you detailed information about the child's present development, symptoms, and adjustment based on the parent's report.

Scales measure

The developmental scales measure social, self help, gross motor, fine motor, expressive language, language comprehension, letters, numbers, and general development.

Interview time is reduced

Since parents fill out the questionnaire on their own, the interview time is reduced. In addition, having the information in advance helps to focus the parent interview.

Teacher's Observation Guide [TOG]

The Teacher's Observation Guide [TOG], also by Harold Ireton, PhD, will contribute to a teacher's ability to observe young children, to appreciate their abilities, and to plan for their educational needs. It also describes how to involve parents in the assessment of their child's development and learning. The author describes an overall system, which integrates information from parents with teachers' observations and is centered on parent-teacher conferences.

The TOG Booklet contains an Infant Observation Guide and a Toddler-Preschool Observation Guide. It includes development of social, self-help, motor, language, letter and number skills, and behavior problems. The last page of the booklet provides space to summarize your observations and plans for the child at different ages.

Pricing & Ordering

Order Complete Kit

Order Components

Manual Scoring
  • Kits



  • CDI Kit
    Includes Manual, 20 Parent Booklets, 75 Answer Sheets, 75 Profile Forms, and Scoring Template
  • Manuals



  • CDI Manual
  • Administration Materials



  • CDI Parent Booklets
    Pkg of 20
  • CDI Answer Sheets
    Pkg of 75
  • CDI Profile Forms
    Pkg of 75
  • Teacher's Observation Guide (TOG)
  • Teacher's Observation Guide (TOG) Booklets
    Pkg of 20
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