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Test of Word Finding, Second Edition


Overview: Evaluate word-finding ability based on accuracy and speed

Age Range: 4:0 – 12:11

Administration: Paper and pencil

Completion Time: 20-30 minutes

Norms: Standard scores and percentile ranks

Scoring Options: Manual scoring

Publication Date: 2000


Product Details

This tool provides the information you need to formulate an intervention plan using the child’s test results.

The TWF-2 includes four naming sections:

  • Picture Naming Nouns
  • Sentence Completion Naming
  • Picture Naming Verbs
  • Picture Naming Categories

In addition, the TWF-2 provides five supplemental analyses as follow-up procedures to the word-finding measures. You will gain critical information from these analyses to both enhance the interpretation of a student’s test performance and to help create an appropriate intervention plan.


The TWF-­2 was normed on 1,836 students residing in 26 states from 1996 to 1999. Characteristics of the sample matched the national population in 1997.

Test reliability was demonstrated using test­retest, coefficient alpha, interscorer reliability and item response theory (IRT) goodness-of-fit statistics. In all cases except one (.76), traditional reliability coefficients for typical performing students and students with word finding difficulties exceeded .84.

Validity was studied extensively. Content validity was represented in test development: TWF-­2 content reflected child language literature and research; and IRT and classical methodologies along with differential item function analyses were conducted on select items. Concurrent and predictive validity of the TWF-2 was demonstrated by correlating the TWF­2 with commonly used vocabulary tests. Correlations between TWF-­2 and other tests of vocabulary showed a considerable relationship. Construct validity was established by demonstrating that the TWF-­2 differentiated between groups of children with and without word finding difficulties.

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