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2016 NAN Conference

October 19-22, 2016 - Seattle, WA


Your Partner on the Journey Toward Integrated Healthcare

How are you managing the integration of behavioral healthcare into your medical practice?

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The Digital Age is Here

Transform your practice with digital solutions

Psychologists around the world trust Pearson's assessments and tools to help them make informed decisions in their ongoing efforts to improve lives. Let us show you how our comprehensive selection of innovative, research-based digital tools will transform your practice as well as the lives of your clients.

Q-interactive® and Q-global® can help you revolutionize your test administration, scoring, and reporting. These convenient, easy-to-use digital systems allow you to improve your workflow while better serving clients. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to discover all of the benefits our digital solutions offer.

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Q-interactive is an intuitive, portable, web- and iPad®-based system for administering interactive assessments including WISC®-V, WIAT®-III and more. Start your free trial and have your questions ready at the conference.

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Experience Q-interactive with:


The latest version of the most trusted proven cognitive ability measure ever. Test drive digital Coding and Symbol Search!


Stop by booth #403 for a demo of the new digital version at NAN!

Q-global is a web-based scoring and reporting system that allows you to deliver select assessments on any device connected to the internet.

Experience Q-global with:


Identify and manage behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses.


Support the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Provide clinical insights that are grounded in both theoretically guided principles and sound empirical research.


Reliably assess adolescents' personality traits.

WISC-V Integrated

Gain deeper insights into WISC®-V results with these optional, process-oriented subtests.

Conference discounts and specials

  • 10% discount plus free shipping* on orders placed at the conference.
  • $99 1-year Q-interactive license!** Sign up for Q-interactive at NAN and save.

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We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!



*Discount and free shipping not applicable to prior orders. 10% discount expires 30 days after conference close. Free shipping applicable only for orders placed at the conference.

**Offer applies only to on-site purchases at the 2016 NAN Conference. Offer is valid for license fees and pre-paid usage. Offer does not apply to classroom or training licenses. Extra paper materials may be required. Visit for details.

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