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Cogmed Working Memory Training


Overview: An evidence-based intervention for improved working memory

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Product Details

At A Glance

What it is: A complete solution combining working memory training software and close professional support.

Who it’s for: Children and adults with attention deficits or learning disorders, victims of brain injury or stroke, and adults experiencing information overload or the natural effects of aging.

Cogmed website:


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a solution you can offer to individuals who are held back by their working memory capacity.

  • Were born with a deficit
  • Acquired a deficit through brain injury or disease
  • Developed a deficit through natural decline caused by aging
  • Face career demands and wish to improve job performance or test performance

Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next. By training working memory, your clients will be better able to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks.



Content & Administration:

The complete program includes:

  • Initial interview
  • Start-up session
  • Five weeks of training, with weekly coach calls; provides 25 training sessions of 30–40 minutes each
  • Wrap-up meeting
  • Six month follow-up interview
  • Online access to client training data
  • Cogmed Extension Training (12 months)

The Cogmed Solution Supports You

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. Together with qualified teams around the world, Cogmed offers a training solution for all settings. The Cogmed training program is focused, provides substantial benefits, professional service, and is based on solid research.

We combine cognitive neuroscience with innovative computer game design and close professional support to deliver substantial and lasting benefits to our users. Our solutions include easy-to-use software and personal support.

Prepare for Success

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a platform for learning skills. The concept of neuroplasticity, the idea that the brain can reorganize itself and change, is what allows Cogmed to effectively change the way the brain functions to perform at its maximum capacity. There are many training programs for various skills such as reading, math, or time management. Cogmed acts on a different, more fundamental level. Once working memory has improved, your clients will find that acquiring new skills is suddenly much more doable.

Features & Benefits

  • Cogmed is based on strong scientific research
  • The easy-to-use software adjusts complexity level for each exercise in real time for maximal training effect
  • Training is overseen by a national network of attention specialists who are qualified by Cogmed
  • Client is assisted by a Cogmed coach, who leads the training, tracks results, and givessupport and motivation
  • Client or client’s family sets the training schedule with the Cogmed coach, with ample flexibility
  • Cogmed gives all users online access to their own training results and progress status
  • Cogmed Extension Training allows the individual to further sharpen the acquired capacity and to verify how the results hold over time

Learn More at the Cogmed Website


Pre-recorded Webinars

  • Training of Working Memory in Children with Attention Deficits

    Presenter: Torkel Klingberg

    This intermediate to advanced level webinar is intended to inspire and educate professionals about the role of working memory training in populations with working memory deficits. The session is appropriate for practitioners offering Cogmed training, as well as those clinicians interested in learning more about working memory intervention. Impaired working memory is associated with low academic performance, distractibility and inattention in clinically defined groups, such as in ADHD, but the same associations are also relevant in the general population. Dr. Torkel Klingberg and collaborators have developed and tested a computerized method for training working memory, Cogmed, which has been shown to improve working memory capacity, attention and behavioral symptoms in children with ADHD. In this session, Klingberg will discuss the relationship between working memory and attention, describe the nature of working memory deficits in ADHD, explain the method behind working memory training and demonstrate the effects of working memory training.

    Date: Nov 14, 2011



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