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Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test, Second Edition
(Bender-Gestalt II)


Overview: Assess the maturation of visuomotor perceptions of children and adults

Age Range: 4 to 85 years and older

Completion Time: No time limit

Norms: Summary and detailed

Publication Date: 2003


Product Details

The revised Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test, Second Edition (Bender–Gestalt II) includes:

  • Seven new items
  • New Recall procedure (visuomotor memory)
  • Supplemental tests of simple motor and perceptual ability
  • New norms for Copy and Recall procedures

Simple Design and Administration

This test consists of a series of durable template cards, each displaying a unique figure. The examinee is asked to draw each figure as he/she observes it.

  • Provides interpretive information about an individual's development and neuropsychological functioning
  • Reveals the maturation level of visuomotor perceptions, which is associated with language ability and various functions of intelligence
  • Ideal for use as a first measure in an extended psychological battery or as a screener for neuropsychological impairment
  • Comprehensive testing observations include physical demeanor, drawing technique, test-taking behavior, and attitude

Pricing & Ordering

Order Complete Kit

Order Components

Manual Scoring
  • Kits



  • Bender-Gestalt II Complete Kit
    Includes Examiner's Manual, 25 Observation Form Test Records, 25 Motor Test Booklets, 25 Perception Test Booklets, and Stimulus Cards
  • Manuals



  • Bender-Gestalt II Manual
  • Administration Materials



  • Bender-Gestalt II Observation Form Test Records
    Pkg of 25
  • Bender-Gestalt II Perception Test Booklets
    Pkg of 25
  • Bender-Gestalt II Motor Test Booklets
    Pkg of 25
  • Additional Materials



  • Bender-Gestalt II Cards
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