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Cambridge Test of Prospective Memory


Overview: Assess difficulties in prospective memory

Age Range: Adult

Administration: 30 minutes

Norms: 212 U.K. controls

Publication Date: 2005


Product Details

The most common memory complaints are concerned with failures of prospective memory, yet this aspect of memory function is rarely assessed formally.

The Cambridge Test of Prospective Memory (CAMPROMPT) is an objective and standardized clinical instrument offering insights into a client’s prospective memory or his ability to remember to do things at a particular time or within a given interval of time.

Accommodating activities in daily life, the CAMPROMPT is ecologically valid and is composed of three time-based tasks and three event based tasks that address failures in prospective memory. Everyday life examples that may impact a person’s independence include remembering to:

  • Put a letter in a mailbox on the way home 
  • Turn off the cooker 
  • Phone mother 
  • Take medication 

In addition, the CAMPROMPT provides valid data for planning programs aimed at remediating prospective memory difficulties.

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