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Draw A Person: A Quantitative Scoring System
(Draw A Person: QSS)


Overview: Provide a measure of intellectual ability through human figure drawing

Age Range: 5-17

Administration: Paper–and–pencil; individual or group administration

Completion Time: 15 minutes

Norms: Standard Scores, Percentile Ranks, and Age Equivalents

Publication Date: 1988


Product Details

Use the task of human figure drawing to reveal intellectual ability. In just 15 minutes, Draw A Person: QSS can be used as a part of a comprehensive assessment, as a screening device, or as a supplement to other intelligence tests.

Influences of primary language, verbal skills, fine motor coordination, and time pressure are reduced with these tasks.

Draw A Person: QSS offers the most modern, efficient, and objective scoring system available. A training section in the Manual facilitates consistent use of the system. Clear scoring guidelines reflect the many possible ways a child can respond.

Pricing & Ordering

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Manual Scoring
  • Kits



  • Draw A Person: QSS - Complete Test Kit
    Includes Manual with Scoring Chart, 25 Record Forms, and 25 Response Forms.
  • Manuals



  • Draw A Person: QSS -Manual with Scoring Chart
    Includes examiner training section; administration, scoring, interpretation guidelines; and normative and technical data. Scoring Chart is a convenient reference.
  • Administration Materials



  • Draw A Person: QSS - Record Forms and Response Forms
    Package Includes a set of 25 of each form: For recording the Total Test and Individual Drawing scores. Student Response portion provides a permanent record of drawings.
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