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California Verbal Learning Test®, Third Edition


Overview: An assessment of verbal learning and memory deficits in adults

Age Range: Individuals 16:0–90:0

Administration: Digital (Q-interactive®), or paper-and-pencil

Completion Time: Standard and alternate forms: 30 minutes, plus 30-minute delay.

Scoring Options: Q-global®

Publication Date: 2017


Product Details

Explore learning and memory strategies and processes

The CVLT-3 is the most comprehensive and detailed assessment of verbal learning and memory for older adolescents and adults ages 16 and older. In this assessment, an examinee listens to series of words and is then asked to recall the terms and the category to which they belong. The CVLT is considered to be the most sensitive measure of episodic verbal learning.

Users & Applications

Clinicians can use the revision of this classic test to help:

  • Assess individuals who have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI), dementias, schizophrenia, ADHD, or neurological disorders
  • Test the degree to which a person can return to work, perform complex activities of daily living, and live independently
  • Evaluate insufficient effort or malingering to reduce false results

Content & Administration

  • Examinees are read a list of words carefully selected for their frequency of use across multiple demographic variables and are asked to recall them across a series of trials.
  • Standard and Alternate forms can be administered in 30 minutes, with an additional 30-minutes for delay scores.
  • The Brief form features lists of nine words in three categories and can be administered in only 15 minutes, plus an additional 15 minutes for delay scores.

Features & Benefits

  • Full restandardization based on education, region, ethnicity, and age
  • Additional scores allow for more in-depth analysis of errors (intrusions and repetitions)
  • Available on Q-interactive and includes more robust scoring and reporting
  • Upgraded and updated scoring and reporting on Q-global for paper versions

Pricing & Ordering


Coming July 2017
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