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Overview: A Portable Assessment that Focuses on Attention and Behavioral Disorders

Age Range: 6-12:11

Administration: Free downloadable iPad app via Apple’s App Store

Report Options: Upload the raw data to the server and then download the report within minutes of test completion.

Publication Date: February 2017


Product Details

Attēmo objectively helps to take the guess work out of identifying attentional and behavioral disorders so that the practitioner can focus on developing and implementing a treatment plan. A downloadable app administered on an iPad, it assesses key neurobehavioral parameters related to brain function in attentional and behavioral disorders. Attēmo is accurate and reliable, providing objective, quantifiable data to inform decision making.

Current ADHD Assessment Tools

Traditionally, ADHD diagnoses have been based on interviews with parents, relatives, teachers and/or the student, and are often combined with questionnaires, rating scales or Continuous Performance Tests (CPTs). However, the clinical presentation of ADHD is variable, the symptoms are situational, and the degree to which a patient exhibits them may be observed and interpreted differently by various observers.1

Attēmo Compared to Traditional CPTs

Attēmo surpasses the value of traditional CPTs by looking at neurobehavioral issues beyond average attention. It also evaluates impulsivity, motor efficiency and ability to inhibit a response, as well as looking at sustained attention dynamically as it fluctuates during the course of the evaluation. In contrast to standard rating scales, Attēmo quantitatively measures direct observation of key behaviors rather than relying on the potential subjectivity or bias that may be evident in third party reporting. For more information call 877-246-2397

1 Gualtieri CT, Johnson LG. ADHD: is objective diagnosis possible? Psychiatry. 2005;2(11):44-53.

System Requirements

  • iPad® Air, iPad® Air 2, or iPad® Pro (9.7 inch model)
  • Apple Magic Keyboard
  • iPad stand (may be purchased from Pearson)
  • Attēmo headband (purchased from Pearson)


Data-rich Reports for Comprehensive Insights

Attēmo delivers colorful, graphical and data-rich reports help facilitate communication with families about attentional and behavioral disorders.

Impulsivity & Attention

Attention state charts show changes in a patient’s ability to pay attention and propensity to become impulsive, distracted or entirely disengaged.


Motion capture images clearly demonstrate a patient’s degree of hyperactivity through inability to control motor activity.

Pricing & Ordering

Download the Attemo app for free at the Apple App Store

Then order the Attemo Starter Kit (#0158009827) from Pearson which includes the license (a one time fee), headband, stand, and two tests by calling 877-246-2397.


$325 one-time start-up cost (which includes the license, headband, and stand. Please note that the wireless Apple keyboard will need to be purchased separately and paired with your iPad)

$20 per administration for tests

If you are a first time Pearson customer, please complete the New Qualified User Profile here.

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