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Raven's 2


Overview: Suitable for non-verbal adults and children as young as four, the Raven’s provides a convenient, digital, and easy-to-use way to assess observational skills and ability in a variety of settings.

Age Range: Ages 4–85

Administration: Q-global, or paper and pencil


Product Details

A convenient, versatile, and easy-to-use nonverbal assessment of ability.

Raven's 2 provides a nonverbal measure of high-level observation skills, clear-thinking ability, and intellectual capacity that minimizes the impacts of language skills and cultural differences. This test can be used in a variety of settings, with culturally diverse populations, and/or with nonverbal children beginning with age four and adults up to age 90. This test differentiates between people at the high end of intellectual ability with more difficult items and also offers a set of items applicable at any ability level including the low end of intellectual ability.

The Raven's 2, now available as a digital solution, reduces inventory concerns, test kit transport, and uses familiar technology designed to put examinees at ease. After completing the assessment, the administrator receives a standard score as well as a percentile rank based on norms collected from the general population.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a standard score as well as a percentile rank
  • Updated and colorized items, design, and norms
  • Individual or group settings administration
  • Portable, digital assessment
  • Automated scoring and reporting

Pricing & Ordering

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