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DeGangi-Berk Test of Sensory Integration


Overview: Detect developmental delays

Age Range: 3:0-5:0

Norms: Pass/Fail (criterion referenced)

Scoring Options: Manual Scoring

Publication Date: 1983


Product Details

The DeGangi-Berk Test of Sensory Integration (TSI) permits early detection of even subtle developmental deficits that could lead to learning difficulties if ignored in children from 3 to 5 years. The 36-items can be administered in 30 minutes and measure overall sensory integration as well as three clinically significant subdomains: Postural Control, Bilateral Motor Integration, and Reflex Integration. The child performs specific tasks or responds to various stimuli and the therapist rates the child's performance on each item. When used as the basis for screening decisions, total scores demonstrate an 81 percent accuracy rate.

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    Includes 25 star design sheets, 25 protocol booklets, and manual in box.
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