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Movement Assessment Battery for Children - Second Edition
(Movement ABC-2)


Overview: Identifies, describes, and guides treatment of motor impairment

Age Range: Test: 3:0-16:11 years
Checklist: 5:0-12:0 years

Administration: Test: Individual, 20-40 minutes
Checklist: Group or individual, 10 minutes

Scores/Interpretation: Test: Total standard scores and percentiles. Checklist: Percentile cut scores

Publication Date: 2007


Product Details

The Movement Assessment Battery for Children—Second Edition (Movement ABC-2), a revision of the world renowned Movement Assessment Battery for Children, can be used to identify children who are significantly behind their peers in motor development, assist in planning an intervention program in either a school or clinical setting, measure change as a result of intervention, or serve as a measurement instrument in research involving motor development.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Updated norms
  • Extended age range: 3-12 years
  • Improved scoring
  • Separate Intervention Manual

Movement ABC-2 Checklist

The Movement ABC-2 Checklist takes assessment into the everyday situations in which the child has to function, including the extent to which a child’s attitudes and feelings about motor tasks are situation specific or more generalized. Therapists can also obtain parents’ or teachers’ views on a child's movement in everyday settings.

Movement ABC-2 Intervention Manual

The Movement ABC-2 Intervention Manual provides a complete guide to helping children with movement difficulties. Based on research, this guide helps teach a child a new skill.

Pricing & Ordering

Order Complete Kit

Order Components

Manual Scoring
  • Kits



  • Movement ABC-2 Complete Kit
    Includes Examiner's Manual, Intervention Manual, 25 each of Age Band 1, 2 and 3 Record Forms, 50 Checklists with Instructions and Manipulatives
    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Administration Materials



  • Movement ABC-2 Record Forms - Ages 3-6
    Pkg of 25
  • Movement ABC-2 Record Forms - Ages 7-10
    Pkg of 25
  • Movement ABC-2 Record Forms - Ages 11-16
    Pkg of 25
  • Movement ABC-2 Checklist
    Pkg of 50
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