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Pre-Feeding Skills, Second Edition: A Comprehensive Resource for Mealtime Development


Publication Date: 2000

Publisher: Pro-Ed, Inc.


Book Description

This essential resource, now updated and expanded for mealtime and feeding development

This newly revised and referenced edition, by the authors of the best-selling Pre-Feeding Skills, is a must for pediatric feeding specialists working with clients from birth to adolescence.The book contains 12 new chapters with information about mealtime roles and influences, supportive diagnostic testing, gastrointestinal influences on feeding, autism, sensory influences on feeding, children who do not eat enough to grow, foundations for mealtime, and oral motor skills limitations.

In addition, all sections have been greatly expanded to incorporate current research, references, and trends, especially the chapters on treatment, tube feeding, nutrition, blindness, prematurity, and anatomy.

The book includes a strong base of information about normal development in feeding as well as limiting factors that influence feeding. Assessment and treatment principles are thoroughly explored. The book also offers a chapter on mealtime resources; growth charts; sequential and global pre-feeding charts; Spanish translations of parent questionnaires about eating and drinking, tube feeding, and gastroesophageal reflux; and two mealtime participation exercises.

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  • Pre-Feeding Skills, Second Edition
    798-page softbound manual.
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