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Pearson offers webinars on a variety of assessments and subjects areas. To download a past webinar, view Past Webinars.

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  • Assessing Clients with Q-interactive and Archiving and Exporting Assessment Batteries: Session II

    Presenter: James Henke


    Here, we will review the common tools used in an assessment such as the timer, notes, contextual events, how to turn audio capture off, how to flag and resolve scores, and how to review scores and transfer assessments back to Central. Then, the primary focus will be on how to access and review scores in Central, and export and archive data when needed.

    This session is not designed to provide an in-depth tutorial on all of the unique aspects of individual subtests/measures, but rather to orient you to many of the common tools and processes that you will need to know to efficiently use Q-interactive to assess your clients. Information concerning specific measures/subtests is provided in the available support videos and other scheduled webinars.

    Date: Mar 14, 2017  Time: 12:00 PM EDT   Register Now
    Date: Mar 28, 2017  Time: 11:00 AM EDT   Register Now

  • Q-global Best Practices for Users

    Presenter: Jarett Lehner


    Join us for a live demonstration on how to maximize your Q-global experience as a user. Our Q-global expert, Jarett Lehner will cover a range of topics from setting self as default user to editing assessments (OSA/ROSA) to understanding batch versus group reporting. There will also be time for Q&A to ensure your Q-global questions are answered.

    Date: Mar 16, 2017  Time: 01:00 PM EDT   Register Now

  • Cogmed Is Now Easier To Do In Schools

    Presenter: Peter C Entwistle, Ph.D. & Charles Shinaver, Ph.D.


    Cogmed provides a distinctive amount and quality of empirical evidence for its effectiveness with over 75 peer reviewed published studies, but this training method is now easier to implement in schools.  In the last couple of years some large scale school implementations of Cogmed have resulted in our staff developing a number of features that help Cogmed work better in schools.  Among those features are the variable protocol (shorter training sessions and fewer days a week of training), fidelity features, built-in generalization measures and Trends reporting which provides schools with the data needed to manage the large scale implantations.  Reporting for the district, school, class, and individual student level is now available. Reports include measures of compliance, motivation, and validity.  Additionally the Cogmed progress indicator gives schools a measure of generalization to nontrained tasks in the areas of working memory, following instructions and math fluency.  The variable protocol allows children to do Cogmed for 25 or 35 minutes a day 3, 4 or 5 days a week. Now Cogmed can fit into school schedules and be managed effectively and efficiently.  Attend this webinar to get a grasp of these important changes.  

    Date: Apr 13, 2017  Time: 12:00 PM EDT   Register Now