Success Story: Jordan
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Success Story: Jordan

Learn how Jordan’s Kindergarten teacher used The Work Sampling System® to pinpoint Jordan’s strengths and weaknesses, and put her on a pathway to success.

Jordan, a 5 year-old child, has been attending an inclusion kindergarten for three months. Her teacher has chosen The Work Sampling System to assess all of the children, because it provides a fair and reliable measure of seven domains, including Personal and Social Development. Using the Developmental Checklist for Kindergarten the teacher knows that Jordan’s social skills are a strength. So, in planning activities for small groups Jordan will be included as a role model. The Developmental Checklist also identifies that Jordan is not yet showing initiative or self-direction, important emotional behaviors. Her teacher has been working individually with Jordan to help her self-select activities during choice time. By the end of the year, the Developmental Checklist for Kindergarten will have been completed three times. It will show clearly if Jordan has progressed in the Personal and Social domain. The checklist will also provide a reliable measure of the other 6 developmental domains so Jordan’s first grade teacher has the information that he needs to prepare for the incoming class.