CASL™ Core and Supplementary Tests by Age Band
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CASL™ Core and Supplementary Tests by Age Band

CASL LogoFifteen tests let you measure specific aspects of oral language ability. You can administer Core tests (C) to derive a global language composite. Supplementary tests (S) provide you with additional diagnostic information and Index Scores.

Age 3:0 to 4:11 5:0 to 6:11 7:0 to 10:11 11:0 to 12:11 13:0 to 17:11 18:0 to 21:11
Comprehension of Basic Concepts C S        
Antonyms   C C C S S
Synonyms     S S C C
Sentence Completion S S S S S S
Idiomatic Language       S S S
Syntax Construction C C C S S S
Paragraph Comprehension of Syntax S C C S    
Grammatical Morphemes     S C S S
Sentence Comprehension of Syntax       C S S
Grammaticality Judgment     S S C C
Nonliteral Language     C C C C
Meaning from Context       S C C
Inference     S S S  
Ambiguous Sentences       S S S
Pragmatic Judgment C C C C C C