CASL™ Online Demo and Sample Reports
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CASL™ Online Demo and Sample Reports

This powerful, flexible software application will:

  • Quickly and automatically convert raw scores to standard scores
  • Generate percentiles, stanines, NCEs, and test-age equivalents for CASL's test, index, and composite scores
  • Produce graphic representations of scores, as well as narrative reports
  • Save time and energy
  • The ASSIST is now available in Macintosh and Windows versions on one CD-ROM!
CASL ASSIST Online Demo:

This demonstration will give you a brief snapshot of the CASL ASSIST. Start the CASL ASSIST Online Demonstration by clicking on the link below. The following demonstration requires a Flash 4 Plug-In for your Web browser. If you experience problems running this demonstration, please contact us.

Start Demo

Download CASL ASSIST Print-out:

The CASL ASSIST sample print-out is offered in a PDF file format. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed to download, open, and view.

Download PDF