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Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey: Activity 1 - Identifying Your Orientation Code

Activity #1: Identifying Your Orientation Code

Your three highest Interest scores were Organizing, Producing, Helping. Based on your interest and skill scores, your CISS Orientation Code is OPH.

The CISS uses Orientation Codes to organize jobs according to the types of work and activities involved:

  • The Orientation Code for a particular job is based on the types of work and activities involved in that job.
  • Your personal Orientation Code is computed from your answers about the types of work and activities that you like to do and feel confident that you can do.

When your Orientation Code matches two or three letters of the Orientation Code of a particular job, there is greater likelihood that you will be interested in that occupation.

CISS-to-Holland Code Conversion Table
Other career references are arranged according to the Holland code job identification system. If you wish to use these resources, you can identify your Holland code by using the following table:

CISS Code Holland Code
Influencing Enterprising
Organizing Conventional
Helping Social
Creating Artistic
aNalyzing Investigative
Producing & Adventuring Realistic