Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey: Extraversion Scale
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Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey: Extraversion Scale

The Extraversion Scale indicate your level of interest and confidence working with all types of people in many different occupational settings. High scores reflect an attraction to a wide range of people-oriented activities. Lower scores may suggest a narrower focus, such as an interest in working with children but not adults, or confidence in counseling others but not selling. Low scores may indicate a preference for less contact with people on the job.

Occupational Extraverts (such as guidance counselors, hotel managers, corporate trainers, and realtors) are energized by frequent social contact and enjoy working closely with others. People who score low on the Extraversion Scales may prefer more independent work assignments and the opportunity for private time and space. Low-scoring individuals include scientists, skilled craftsworkers, and veterinarians.

The Extraversion Scales reflect your attraction for (Interest score) and confidence in (Skill score) activities requiring a wide variety of interpersonal contact. Use this information wisely as you clarify your occupational direction. For example, one of your highest Occupational Scales might be Chemist. If you score high or very high on Extraversion, you may want to consider a people-oriented application of chemistry like teaching as opposed to a more solitary application like laboratory research.