RehaCom® for Cognitive Therapy After Stroke or TBI
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Evidence-based, clinically proven cognitive therapy after stroke and TBI

RehaCom is a computerized cognitive therapy tool developed by experts and therapists that focuses on the rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment. Deficit-specific therapy is provided following initial diagnostic assessment or the optional included screening assessments. More than 20 computerized therapy modules are available to help your clients improve cognitive function and compensatory skills in attention, memory, executive functions, and visual field.

Features and benefits of RehaCom

  • Offers numerous tasks for core cognitive fields in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation phases
  • Provides optional screening modules to detect cognitive impairment and to recommend corresponding cognitive therapy modules
  • Tracks the current performance of the client during therapy and adapts to different levels of difficulty
  • Offers customized solutions for clinics
  • Delivers interactive content through a specialized input panel, user-friendly touch screen, or mouse and standard keyboard
  • Available in 20+ languages at no extra cost
  • Tailored to the needs of each patient

Content & Administration

  • Screening—Choose from nine screening modules to test cognitive impairment
  • Specialized modules—Choose appropriate therapy modules, each with hundreds of tasks featuring different levels of difficulty from very simple to highly complex
  • Custom settings—Individualize the therapy with parameters that can be adjusted to control duration, number of tasks, working speed, feedback, etc.
  • Client workflow—Introduce therapy tasks and allow the client to work independently for 15 to 60 minutes as the computer provides monitoring and feedback
  • Reporting options—Analyze the therapy results using one view to explain progress to the patient in a clear and easy-to-understand way and a more complex view to provide the therapist detailed results
  • Print-friendly—Print results for documentation

Modules available:

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HASOMED GmbH, Germany, is the owner of RehaCom

Pearson Clinical Assessment, a business unit of NCS Pearson, Inc., is the authorized distributor of RehaCom within the United States


Placing your order for RehaCom There are two easy steps to get started:

  • Select the license that suits your institution or practice needs.
  • Use our convenient order form when you call, or email your order. If you have any questions about RehaCom, or about ordering, please email or call 1-888-783-6363.