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Anna Barne

Anna is a Reader in Psychology and Subject Coordinator for the MRes Developmental Psychology. She joined the department in September 2004 and teaches on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, primarily in the area of developmental psychology.

She has a BA Psychology & Physical Education, University of North Wales Bangor and a PhD Child Development, Institute of Education, University of London.  She is Research Officer, Institute of Education, University of London, and Lecturer, School of Education, University of Wales Cardiff.  Anna is a Research Fellow at Imperial College, University of London, Institute of Education, University of London, and University of Oxford.

Anna's general area of research is perceptual-motor development in children. Within this area she pursues two different strands of research. The first has very practical applications, involving the development of suitable tools to assess motor skill. This has involved re-standardisation of a test of general motor competence (the Movement ABC-2) for children aged 3 to 16 years, with the collection of new UK norms. She has also developed a test of handwriting speed (the DASH) for children aged 9-16 years, with a recent extension for students aged 17-25 years. The second strand of her research employs an experimental approach to examine visuo-cognitive and visuo-motor deficits in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).

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