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Tina received her BS and M.Ed. degrees from Springfield College in Springfield, MA.  She is an independent consultant and the OT Program Coordinator for the Center for Human Development in Springfield, MA.   She created and implements the Sensory Modulation Program for mental health practice, specializes in the creation of nurturing and healing treatment environments, and assists organizations in the application of sensory modulation approaches for clinical practice.  She consults on organizational culture change, and is working to establish a foundation of research in these areas.  Currently, she is also an adjunct professor for the American International College occupational therapy program and a doctoral student at Boston University. 

Tina has consulted and presented for varied mental health facilities and associations on state, national, and international levels.   She is on the faculty of the National Technical Assistance Center for State Mental Health Planning for the National Executive Institute: Creating Violence Free and Coercion Free Mental Health Treatment Environments for the Reduction of Seclusion and Restraint funded by SAMHSA, and has provided resources that have been integrated into the course teaching and resource manuals.  Over the years she has and continues to work with the MA State Department of Mental Health and National Association for State Mental Health Program Director's Technical Assistance Center on a variety of projects.  She received the MA State Commissioner's Distinguished Service Award and a State Senate Citation on May 6, 2008 at the State House in Boston, MA for her state and national work in the areas of sensory modulation, trauma informed care, and restraint/seclusion reduction.  Additionally, Tina is an Allen Authorized Cognitive Advisor, International. 

She was awarded in 2006 with the Catherine Trombly award by the MA Occupational Therapy Association for her innovative work in mental health practice, administration, research and education.  She received the Irene Allard award in 2005 for excellence in fieldwork education by NEOTEC.  She is certified in clinical aromatherapy, neurofeedback, therapeutic listening and a host of other sensory modulation modalities. Additionally, she developed and maintains the OT Innovations for Psychosocial Practice networking website and is the owner of Champagne Conferences & Consultation.   

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