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Georgia A. DeGangi

Georgia DeGangi, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA is a practicing psychologist but also has experience as an occupational therapist. She has over 25 years experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and their families. She has extensive experience with diagnosis and treatment of a range of developmental, behavioral, social and emotional problems. Dr. DeGangi has conducted research to examine effective ways of treating individuals with regulatory problems and is especially interested in how problems of self-regulation early in life impact interpersonal effectiveness, coping, mood regulation, personality and learning as individuals grow older. Among her recent publications are her books entitled Effective Parenting for the Hard-to-Manage Child (co-author: Anne Kendall), Kid's Club Letters: Narrative tools for stimulating process and dialogue in therapy groups for children and adolescents (co-author: Marc Nemiroff), and Pediatric Disorders of Regulation in Affect and Behavior: A therapist's guide to assessment and treatment. Dr. DeGangi is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the assessment and treatment of children with problems of self-regulation, sensory processing, attention, and interactional problems. Among the tests that she has developed are the Functional Emotional Assessment Scale (co-authored by Greenspan & Wieder); The Test of Sensory Functions in Infants, the Infant-Toddler Symptom Checklist, and the DeGangi-Berk Test of Sensory-Integration. She is also on the faculty of the Infant/Child Mental Health Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry.

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