John Mark Disorbio, EdD
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John Mark Disorbio, EdD

Currently Dr. Disorbio works as a psychologist at Integrated Therapies, an interdisciplinary outpatient clinic for evaluating and treating patients with delayed recovery from chronic pain that he co-founded with Julia Copeland, PT, in 1985. In addition, he is a consultant to major companies throughout the U.S. and serves on the board of the National Pain Foundation. Having spent the majority of his educational and clinical career in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with psychological factors related to medical conditions, he is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences and has published research articles in numerous journals. An active member of the Biofeedback Society for 20 years, he also has extensive training in biofeedback and self-regulation techniques. Dr. Disorbio received his MA degree in counseling psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. He has been licensed as a psychologist in the state of Colorado since 1987.

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