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Lance Gentile, PhD

Dr. Gentile has been involved in teaching at all levels, teacher education, training, research and writing for more than forty five years. His work is focused on the development of oral language, second language acquisition and the social emotional factors related to language, literacy and learning behavior. He studied in Spain and his second language is Spanish. He has worked extensively with English Language Learners (ELL) as well as those whose native language is English. Dr. Gentile served as a Reading Recovery and Descubriendo La Lectura Teacher Leader for 16 years.

He is the author of the English and Spanish versions of The Oral Language Acquisition Inventory (OLAI Pre/K-3) and the Oracy Instructional Guide as well as The Original Research Base for these books. The second edition, OLAI 2, contains major revisions based on new research results and field studies. It has been expanded to include Grades 4-6+ and a wide range of Oracy Instructional Activities. 

Related articles he has written are: "What I Have Learned About Reaching and Teaching Children Least Experienced in Language and Literacy" (The California Reader, Winter 2004, 38(2), 31-38); "The Identification and Comparison of Language Structures and Registers: Foundations of Proficient Literacy" (The California Reader, Fall 2006, 40(1), 49-60); and "Language, Literacy and Learning Behavior: Response to Intervention for Tier II Students" (The California Reader, Summer 2010, 43(4),25-35). Dr. Gentile has also authored and coauthored several books and numerous articles in professional journals and is the Founding Editor of the International Journal, Reading Psychology. 

He serves as a consultant to public as well as private schools and is invited to speak at international conferences.  In his role as a consultant Dr. Gentile works with teachers, students, parents, aides and administrators modeling Language, Literacy and Learning Behavior Assessment and Oracy Instruction for students Pre/K-12.

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