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Judith K. Voress

Judy started teaching at a county school for children with moderate mental retardation while working on her undergraduate degree at Bowling Green State University. Following graduation, she taught a middle school special education class and general education elementary classes. She went on to get her master's degree from Ball State University, joining the university's faculty for 3 years. In 1983, Judy received her doctorate in learning disabilities from the University of New Mexico. She taught at The University of Texas at Arlington, then left to accept a position as program coordinator for 9 counties in Texas for an early childhood intervention program. Judy joined PRO-ED in 1986 as associate editor of the Journal of Learning Disabilities, serving in that position for 10 years. During this time, she also held an adjunct position in the Department of Special Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Judy was Periodicals Director at PRO-ED until 2005. She is an author of several tests and materials. Copyright Donald D. Hammill Foundation.

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