Ready for increased efficiency and flexibility?

Save up to 50% more time with digital assessments.

Ready to take the leap to digital? Q-interactive®, Pearson's 1:1 iPad®-based assessment platform could be the solution that you've been waiting for. Check out some of the key benefits of integrating this digital system into your practice including increased efficiency, affordability, flexibility and more.

Qinteractive assessment testing

Increased efficiency

Clinicians can save up to 50% more time with Q-interactive. Spend more time treating your clients and less time with administrative tasks and manual scoring.

Q interactive clinical evaluations tool free 30 day trial

Maximum start-up affordability

By going digital with Q-interactive, a clinician can get started with two iPad devices, a stylus, and an annual license, saving thousands in up-front costs.

Qinteractive clinical assessment test on dual iPads

Flexibility at your fingertips

No more carrying kits and dealing with overflowing closets. Your digital assessment practice will always be up-to-date with the most recent test versions and easy to carry wherever you go!

Q interactive digital assessments

Increased client engagement

Clients, especially children, are excited to use the iPads and may not experience the same test anxiety as those using a paper version.

Digital Assessments

Accurate real-time scoring

No need to worry about scoring mistakes! Q-interactive automatically scores clinical evaluations in real time and provides detailed reporting, enhancing client intervention.

Qinteractive Digital Assessment Library

A library of customized tests

Access nearly 20 clinical assessments including WISC®–V, KTEA™-3, GFTA™-3, and more — all of which can be easily customized to each of your client's needs.