Did you hear? ESI-R has been updated!

The Early Screening Inventory, Third Edition is now available.

Pearson, in partnership with respected authors Samuel J. Meisels, Dorothea B. Marsden, Laura W. Henderson, and Martha Stone Wiske, are excited to introduce a preview of the Early Screening Inventory, Third Edition — better known as ESI™-3.

ESI-3 is a revision of the successful ESI™-R, a developmental screening instrument designed to be individually administered to children ages 3:0–5:11 to determine if they are ready for the next level. It provides a clear picture of visual motor/adaptive, gross motor, language, cognition, and social-emotional skills, and identifies children who may need special education services in order to perform successfully in school.

What’s different about ESI-3?

To find out how ESI has improved, watch this 5-minute video. Gloria Maccow, PhD, and Anne-Marie Kimbell, PhD will demonstrate each of the efficiency enhancements.

Watch the video.

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