Business Systems Upgrade and Website Launch

As part of our commitment to provide you with the best possible service, we are making a number of improvements to our internal systems and launching a new e-commerce website. We are determined to make these changes as smoothly as possible, and to help you prepare are providing the following information:

Delayed order fulfillment

Due to this transition, there will be a delay in shipping/order fulfillment. Order fulfillment may be delayed up to four days for orders taken from March 22nd through to March 29th. Normal order processing is anticipated to resume after April 1st. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please be aware that while you can continue to place orders during this time, you will be unable to pay by credit card. Rather, you will have an "invoice me" option which will allow you to enter your order during this period and pay later once fulfillment resumes (including by credit card). We encourage all customers to make any needed purchases prior to March 22nd to ensure prompt processing and shipment before the upgrade begins.

Website launch

In coordination with the business systems upgrade, we are pleased to announce that a new ordering website will be launched in early April. The new website will have a completely updated look and feel and offer a variety of enhanced functions, including a modern checkout experience and full mobile device compatibility.

The new website will be located at and combines most of our previous stand-alone sites (such as and our e-commerce website into one new site.

Note that all customer accounts will be migrated to automatically. All item numbers will remain the same.

Business systems key changes

Due to the internal system upgrade, you'll notice some key changes. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these:

  1. Account numbers - You'll be assigned a new Pearson account number. This number will be available once the system upgrade is complete and will appear on the documents you receive from Pearson (such as your invoice). If you wish to place a new order prior to receiving any such document, you may get your new account number by contacting us. See the "Help & Support" section below.
  2. Updated portal to view and pay invoices - There will be a new URL for customers who use the iPay capability to remit payments. This will be made available closer to the time of the system upgrade and will require customers to re-register on the updated iPay portal. If you currently use iPay, we will send you an email to provide more detail.
  3. Sales Order Acknowledgement for all orders - We'll be providing you with a Sales Order Acknowledgment document each time an order is placed via all channels, including web, phone, fax and email. This document will be sent via email and will confirm each product within your order.
  4. Advanced returns process - Pearson will be moving to a proactive returns process which will enable us to process returns more efficiently and credit you faster. The new process will involve requesting a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) document from Pearson in advance, and including this documentation with the product(s) you intend to return.

    Starting in early April - you can request an RMA by contacting Customer Service via phone, email or fax. While we recommend you follow the new process of requesting an RMA (as it will help to process your return more efficiently), you may continue to return products (excluding digital) as you do today, without a Return Materials Authorization document. Please continue to ensure your return meets the terms outlined in Pearson's Returns Policy.
  5. New document format and design - We'll be making the documents you receive from Pearson clearer, more consistent, and easier to read via an updated format and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Help & support

Contact us for more information.