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Manual Ordering Instructions

While our website is designed to be the quickest, easiest option for ordering, customers are welcome to also order manually via webform, fax, mail, or phone. Clinical assessment customers should follow the directions below.

*Talent assessment customers should instead view the instructions on the talent assessment manual ordering page.

Setting up your Manual Ordering Account

  1. Submit a manual order qualifications form for the test administrator(s). This may be either yourself or someone you are purchasing on behalf of.
    • This worksheet can be used to gather the information for your reference when submitting qualifications.
    • Additional information on the qualifications page.
  2. Skip to the appropriate section below for instructions for webform, phone, fax, or mail orders. Submit your order accordingly.

Customers who already have a Pearson account (non-website account for which you have an account number) and a purchase order may order directly via webform. Please complete the webform and attach the purchase order to the webform submission. You will receive a case number and email confirmation following submission to confirm your order.

Prior to calling, find your products online and write down the name and product code for each item you are ordering. Also, have your account number ready.

Then call us at 800.627.7271 to place your order. You may pay by credit card or purchase order.

*Please note all university, hospital, VA, public school or government facilities are required to supply a purchase order (PO) number or credit card.

Download and complete the order form and fax order checklist. Submit your documents to fax number 800.232.1223. Faxed orders may take up to 2 additional business days to process. For fastest processing, please use ‘by Website’ or ‘by Webform’ ordering methods.

Download and complete the order form. Mail the completed order form, along with your Purchase Order (if applicable) to the address on the form. You will be mailed an invoice for your order. For fastest processing, please use ‘by Website’ or ‘by Webform’ ordering methods.

A Note on Payment Security

If submitting via Webform, Fax, or Mail methods, do not include any credit card information with your cover sheet or forms. For your security, we cannot accept credit card information in any form except by phone or website ordering methods.