Purchasing As A Qualified User
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Purchasing As A Qualified User

Website Purchasing as a Qualified User:

  1. All new customers and new website users (customers who have previously placed orders with Pearson but not via the website) must first complete their website account registration.

  2. After you have registered, login to pearsonclinical.com, shop and place products in your Cart. You can save your Cart and return at a later time to continue your order if needed.

  3. Click on the Cart button at the top of the page to begin checkout, review your products, and click on the checkout button.

  4. Fill out the review cart, shipping details, and billing details sections. When you reach the qualified user section follow option A or B.

    1. If you are a returning customer who has submitted qualifications on your website account previously, click the ‘select qualified user’ dropdown, choose your name, then click the continue button.

    2. If you are a new website customer, click the ‘Add Qualified Clinical User’ button and respond to all of the questions.

      *If you do not see the qualification section in your checkout process, the products in your Cart do not require a qualified user and you can proceed to step 6.

      • If you have submitted qualifications previously to Pearson, you will still need to re-submit your qualifications for your website account.

      • Additional information on the qualifications page.

  5. After completing the qualifications questions, the website will immediately evaluate your submission and state the qualification level you are being assigned.

  6. To complete your purchase, finish the shipping method and payment sections, then click next to review your order one last time in the confirmation section and submit.
    *Taxes are estimated in this section - if the account has a tax exemption on file, then taxes will not be applied to this purchase.

For information on ordering by webform, phone, fax, or mail visit the manual ordering instructions page.  If you need to purchase on behalf of another qualified user please read the Purchase on Behalf of a Qualified User page.