FirstSTEp™: Screening Test for Evaluating Preschoolers
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FirstSTEp™: Screening Test for Evaluating Preschoolers


Overview: Screen to identify developmental delays

Age Range: Level 1: 2.9–3.8 years; Level 2: 3.9–4.8 years; Level 3: 4.9–6.2 years

Completion Time: 15 minutes

Norms: Scaled Scores stratified by age for five Domains and one Composite

Publication Date: 1993


Product Details

FirstSTEp will no longer be available after August 31, 2015. Place your order now!

FirstSTEp is sensitive enough to detect even mild developmental delays. Identify children who need in-depth diagnostic testing.

Address IDEA domains: Cognition, Communication, and Motor.

Reports classify results as Within Acceptable Limits, Caution, or At-Risk.

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