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Overview: Screen to identify developmental delays

Age Range: 2:9-6:2

Completion Time: 15 minutes

Norms: Domain scores by age are obtained for 3 domains: Cognition, Communication, and Motor.

Scores/Interpretation: Composite; scaled scores stratified by age for cognition, communication, and motor domains

Scoring Options: Manual scoring

Publication Date: 2003


Product Details

PrimerPASO will no longer be available after August 31, 2015. Place your order now!

Evaluate Spanish-speaking children in five IDEA 2004 domains

As kids discover when they build sugarcube igloos, a sturdy foundation is key to success—and the same principle applies to the art of creating lifetime learners. PrimerPASO, the Spanish version of the widely used FirstSTEp, helps readily identify Spanish-speaking children at risk for developmental delays, so that you can lay the groundwork for future achievement.

Product details

PrimerPASO helps you assess all five domains mandated by IDEA 2004:

  • Cognition
  • Communication
  • Motor
  • Social-Emotional (optional) Available in English
  • Adaptive Behavior (optional) Available in Spanish


  • Money Game (Quantitative Reasoning)
  • What’s Missing? Game (Picture Completion)
  • Which Way? Game (Problem Solving)
  • Listen Game (Auditory Discrimination)
  • How Many Can You Say? Game (Word Retrieval)
  • Finish Up Game (Association)
  • Copy Me Game (Sentence and Digit repetition)
  • Drawing Game (Visual-Motor Integration)
  • Status Game (Balance)
  • Jumping Game (Gross Motor Planning)

Benefits for you and the children you serve

  • Is sensitive enough to detect even mild developmental delays
  • Helps estimate the intelligence of children who experience undue difficulty in language or fine motor skills
  • Takes only 15 minutes to administer, making it useful for quick, large-scale screening
  • Uses activities that accommodate children moving around the room during testing to create a more natural situation
  • Presents subtests in a fun, colorful game format to motivate children and put them at ease
  • Provides norms based on a sample of more than 500 children
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