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Customer Success Stories

Our Customer Success Stories

More than 10,000 psychologists, school educators and speech and language pathologists use Q-interactive to enhance their work and better the lives of others. We at Pearson can inform you of the benefits of transitioning to digital, but we think hearing from our actual customers is a better idea. Check out some real customer stories below to learn why Q-interactive might be right for your work.

SLP Success Story:

When Ron Casterlow, a speech-language pathologist, decided to open a private practice he was shocked at the expense of the paper testing kits.  He took advantage of the Q-interactive 30-day trial to determine if it would be a cost-effective option. Casterlow soon realized that with the Q-interactive system he gained not only overall cost savings, but timely scores and reports, and engaged kids that seemed more attentive testing on an iPad.

Read his story.


St. Cloud School District Story:

District 742's psychologists, including Tyson Zitzow and Patrick Russell, began using Q-interactive and Q-global during the 2015-2016 school year. Almost immediately they saw benefits including time savings, increased accuracy by adjusting test batteries, and improved student engagement. Zitzow recognizes that switching to digital assessments is a huge change for psychologists. But he urges them to make the switch.

Read why here.


Adult Clinical Story:

Dr. Loretta Bolyard, a clinical psychologist, was a bit resistant to technology until she saw Q-interactive. Since moving from paper to digital, she has experienced a number of benefits for her clients and her practice. While testing the WAISⓇ–IV and WMSⓇ–IV, she saved nearly 40% more time and has seen less fatigue in her older clients.

View Loretta's story.


Clinical Success Story:

Patrick Aleknavicius, PsyD, LP, uses Q-interactive to streamline and improve evaluations. When Dr. Aleknavicius made the switch to digital, he saw an immediate benefit- he was able to cut his test administration time nearly in half.

Watch his story.


NC School District Story:

Meet Suzanne M, a NC school psychologist who saw increased student engagement and efficiency when her school district transitioned to Q-interactive. Her advice to anyone considering moving to digital: "Do it. If I had a choice, I would not go back to paper-and-pencil assessments."

Learn more about Suzanne's story.


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