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Meet Q-interactive, Our Tablet-Based Digital Assessment Tool

What is Q-interactive?

Q-interactive® is a 1:1 iPad® device-based system for seamless administration, scoring, and reporting of 20 assessments including WISC®–V, WIAT®–III, and CELF®-5. The system is ideal for school and clinical psychologists, SLPs, and educational diagnosticians. Tests are administered using two iPad devices connected wirelessly.


Use one iPad to access the test administration instructions, score, and record responses, and control and modify visual stimuli during the assessment as needed. The examinee uses the other iPad to view and respond to stimuli.

Once testing is complete, data is synced to a website where you can securely generate score reports and view digital records of your raw data.

Learn more about how it works

What are the benefits of 1:1 digital assessment with Q-interactive?

  • EfficientRead how clinicians saved up to 50% more time

  • Engaging — Provides tools to test examinees without distraction. Watch video testimonials

  • Customizable — Edit your test battery mid-session to fit a client's needs

  • Accurate — Eliminate human error with automated scoring

  • Portable — Access and utilize the entire test library without an internet connection

  • Affordable — Avoid up-front kit costs and sharing test kits