The Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC™-3)
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Identify and manage behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses with the BASC™-3

It goes without saying that a child's behavioral and emotional challenges can negatively affect their academic performance. Finding the right tools to assess and intervene while monitoring their progress is critical to helping them establish healthy social interactions and a positive educational experience.

Working Together

The BASC-3 family of products allows you to screen large groups of children, conduct comprehensive evaluations, plan and deliver effective interventions, and monitor progress all with one flexible, integrated system.



BASC-3 Behavioral and Emotional Screening System (BESS)

The BASC-3 BESS can be used in school or clinical settings to provide a snapshot of behavioral and emotional functioning, quickly identifying children and adolescents aged 3 to 18 years who might be in need of additional support.

Features of BASC-3 BESS:

  • Assesses a wide array of behaviors that represent both behavioral problems and strengths, including internalizing or externalizing problems, issues in school, and adaptive skills

  • Comprehensive and efficient, the forms can be completed by the teacher, student, and parent in approximately five minutes or less

  • Reliable and accurate, the Behavioral and Emotional Risk Index is a predictor of a broad range of behavioral, emotional and academic problems, while additional subindex scores provide a more targeted view of behavioral and emotional functioning

  • Available on Q-global™ or Review360 with individual- and group- level reports.



BASC-3 Teacher Rating Scales (TRS)

The BASC-3 TRS is a comprehensive measure of both adaptive and problem behaviors in the school setting. The TRS has three forms, with items targeted at three age levels: preschool, child, and adolescent.

BASC-3 Parent Rating Scales (PRS)

The BASC-3 PRS, available in English or Spanish, is a comprehensive measure of a child's adaptive and problem behaviors in community and home settings. There are three age levels: preschool, child, and adolescent.

BASC-3 Self-Report of Personality (SRP)

The BASC-3 SRP, available in both English and Spanish, is a personality inventory consisting of statements that respondents answer in one of two ways. Some items require a True or False response, while others use a four- point scale of frequency. There are three age levels: child, adolescent, and young adult. A fourth level of the SRP is the interview version (SRP-I) designed for children ages 6-7.



BASC-3 Intervention Guide and Materials

The BASC-3 Behavior Intervention Guide provides a collection of evidence-based interventions designed to help remediate some of the most common behavior problems experienced by children and adolescents.

This guide offers a number of features for efficiently implementing effective behavioral and emotional interventions for children, including:

  • comprehensive coverage of a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems
  • descriptive overviews of each behavioral or emotional problem
  • an easy-to-follow presentation of the interventions
  • considerations for implementation of the interventions

Companion pieces for the guide enhance the ease with which interventions can be implemented and include:

  • the BASC-3 Behavior Intervention Guide Parent Tip Sheets, which facilitate effective parent participation in the remediation of their child's emotional and behavioral problems
  • the BASC-3 Behavior Intervention Guide Documentation Checklist, which helps the interventionist successfully document the steps taken during a child's intervention program and document the outcomes
  • The new Behavioral and Emotional Skill-Building Guide, part of the BASC-3 family of products, a set of "Tier one" activities and "Tier two" small group lessons designed for teachers, counselors, social workers, or other professionals who work in a school or similar setting



BASC-3 Flex Monitor

The web-based Flex Monitor is an exciting addition to the BASC-3 family, which enables psychologists and professionals in a school or clinical environment to monitor and track the effects of a behavior intervention over time. It provides a bank of behaviorally or emotionally based items which can be selected to create a customized monitoring form.

Existing forms can also be selected to measure behavioral performance across a variety of common behavioral areas (e.g., hyperactivity, attention, etc.).


Parent Involvement

BASC-3 Parenting Relationship Questionnaire (PRQ)

Capturing a parent's perspective on the parent-child relationship is an important step in helping professionals to guide appropriate and effective intervention plans. The BASC-3 PRQ assesses traditional parent–child dimensions, such as attachment and involvement, while providing information on parenting style, confidence, stress, and satisfaction with the child's school.

Your Choice

Digital or Paper

The BASC-3 is available on Q-global®: a secure, web-based platform that can be used to deliver digital administrations of teacher, parent, and self- report forms, and provide scoring and reporting for web-based and paper-based administrations. The BASC-3 can also be administered via paper and pencil and scored by hand.