Application of Cognitive Hypothesis Testing Using PSW Analysis
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  • Application of Cognitive Hypothesis Testing Using PSW Analysis

    Presenter: Adam Scheller, Ph.D., Senior Educational Consultant with Pearson Clinical Assessment

    School districts across the country have adopted new and modified old(er) special education evaluation processes in line with the requirements outlined in IDEIA 2004. Since this revised legislation opened the door for schools to use several different means to qualify students with special education needs, we have witnessed an explosion of RTI programs and a subsequent decline in discrepancy-model usage. However, one area included in the law has received less fanfare, the process of analysing the concordance (and thus discordance) between related cognitive and academic processes. During this one-hour webinar Dr. Scheller will review this process of cognitive hypothesis testing by taking an in-depth look at how to apply widely used assessments such as the WISC-V, KTEA-3, and WIAT-III. Dr. Scheller’s goal in this one-hour webinar will be to help take clinicians to a level of detail and accuracy when forming and testing hypotheses about a child’s patterns of thinking and learning.

    Date: May 20, 2016 - Time: 01:00 PM EDT