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  • Are there ways to optimize the effects of Working Memory Training?

    Presenter: Peter C. Entwistle, PhD, Charles Shinaver, PhD

    There are a variety of ways researchers have attempted to optimize Cogmed. In a 2016 publication by Appelgren, Bengtsson & Soderqvist investigators used questionnaires to measure the mind-set and intrinsic motivation and how it influenced compliance to complete Cogmed. The results of this study can help other professionals to optimize how they implement Cogmed. Another study investigated how meta-cognitive training affected Cogmed training (Partanen, et al., 2015). The meta-cognitive training was conducted 3 days a week after Cogmed training session.

    Other investigators have used a shortened version of Cogmed and compared that to the standard version (Mawjee, et al., 1025). One study used parent training combined with Cogmed and compared that to using Cogmed alone (Steeger, et al., 2015).

    Finally another investigation looked at combining English language training while conducting Cogmed with one group and comparing that to Cogmed alone or English language training alone (Hyashi, et al., 2015).

    For quite some time we have called programs that follow and complement Cogmed: “Cogmed-Plus”. In other words, when we conceptualize Cogmed we put it into a larger context of treatment or training individualized for the specific presenting patient or client. Given that such a range of presenting problems have WM deficits that accompany them the variety of other elements of treatment and/or training is quite large. When attempting to optimize treatment this should be taken into consideration. This is one reason of the importance of using a coach-mediated delivery mechanism as those coaches bring their expertise to bear on what might enhance Cogmed before beginning training and what could extend its impact post Cogmed.

    Date: Jul 28, 2016 - Time: 12:00 PM CDT

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