Children Completing Cogmed Have Improved in Reading and Math
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  • Children Completing Cogmed Have Improved in Reading and Math

    Presenter: Charles Shinaver Ph.D. & Peter C. Entwistle Ph.D.

    There is now evidence to support that Cogmed can facilitate improvement in math and reading. In May of 2015 our research staff updated our Claims & Evidence – Volume 3 (V3) and added the claim that children have improved in reading and math following Cogmed. In light of this update we want to provide you with a webinar to review the evidence that provides the basis for this claim. Be aware that this is the first time that claims about academic achievement have been made related to Cogmed and we will articulate what we believe are some caveats to these claims. For instance in the case of academic achievement working memory capacity is necessary but it may not be sufficient for academic gains. That is, there may be domain specific skills or knowledge and or other possible bottlenecks that may have to be addressed for a particular student to make gains in a particular area like reading or math. For example, there are some dyslexics who have poor working memory and others who do not. For those who lack a deficit in WM one would not expect following Cogmed that there would be growth in reading for this subgroup of dyslexics. The same is true in other areas of academic achievement. We will discuss both the evidence for these Cogmed claims and their limits in the webinar. Since there are fewer studies related to this claim we will have time to review most of the relevant research with some detail.

    Date: Feb 09, 2016 - Time: 11:00 AM CST

    pdf PDF: Cogmed Claims and Evidence V3: Children completing Cogmed have Improved in Reading & Math

    link Video: Children Completing Cogmed Have Improved in Reading and Math