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  • How can we help students like Amy who are struggling in Math?

    Presenter: Adam Scheller, PhD

    The ability to use one’s communication and language system as a tool is an essential aspect of school-age language competence. Students must be able to pay the toll at the “Metalinguistic Bridge” or risk being left behind. This program will provide a strong background on metalinguistic ability including (1) metalinguistic awareness, (2) stages of development, (3) performance difficulties and needs, and (4) strategies for improving metalinguistic skills and strategies. The seminar will conclude with an interesting case study example that utilizes effective classroom-based assessment and the CELF-5 Test of Metalinguistics (Wiig and Secord, 2014) to guide the intervention planning process. Participants who attend this program will leave with new perspectives on clinical and educational assessment as well as with practical strategies they can put to use right away. Join us for a truly engaging experience.

    Date: Dec 12, 2016 - Time: 03:30 PM EST