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  • Case Studies: Progress Monitoring and Intervention with Review360 for SLPs*

    Presenter: Tina Eichstadt, MS, CCC-SLP AND Ryan Fast

    It is highly recommended that you watch the Feb 15, 2016 recording (below)--Progress Monitoring and Evidence-Based Intervention with Review360 for SLPs--in advance of this presentation. This earlier webinar gave a tutorial of the Review360 for SLPs product itself. This August webinar takes a clinical focus and assumes familiarity with the product. Thank you!

    This course highlights a tool--Review360 for SLPs--that will manage multiple needs: rigorous, measurable goals, evidence-based intervention, progress monitoring, and reporting needs. An integrated tool for these tasks in clinical practice saves time and increases the ability of SLPs to focus on delivering exceptional services and to communicate the value of those services across stakeholder groups.

    A case-study approach to continuing education allows professionals to consider both clinical and process issues in service delivery. With the ever-increasing need for a focus on clinical outcomes and describing the value of SLP services, progress monitoring and robust reporting on intervention status grows central to the work of SLPs in schools. Increasing demands of a workload approach to clinical practice works together with outcome-based intervention to support relevant SLP practice patterns.

    Date: Oct 17, 2016 - Time: 01:00 PM

    pdf PDF: Progress Monitoring and Evidence-Based Intervention with Review360 for SLPs