Assessment: It’s What You Do Every Day
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  • Assessment: It’s What You Do Every Day

    Presenter: Gloria Maccow, PhD and Julie Culhane, PhD

    Ms. Flynn watches as Maddie enters the classroom on Monday morning. Maddie hangs her backpack on the hook and a big smile spreads across her face as she watches her friend Lilly run over to greet her. The two girls exchange a quick conversation about the puzzle that Maddie brought for share time, then quickly find seats at the art center and settle into their morning routine.

    Children in early childhood programs do amazing things all day, every day. As educators, sometimes we forget that what we see a child do every day – those unscripted, often entertaining, organic happenings in the classroom, as with Maddie and Lilly – all work together to give us answers to help drive instruction, plan intervention, and meet the unique needs of the children in our programs. Because it happens so effortlessly, so naturally, we forget that what we are really doing is assessment. We are assessing children while they are learning in their natural environment.

    Research shows that assessment is invaluable for improving outcomes for young learners. This webinar will explore how we can use the knowledge gained from assessment to develop activities that fit seamlessly into instructional plans, resulting in improved efficiency of teaching and learning in the early childhood classroom.

    Date: Mar 30, 2016 - Time: 04:00 PM EDT