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  • Unleashing the Power of WISC-V and WISC-V Integrated

    Presenter: Gloria Maccow, PhD

    In conducting psychological evaluations, clinicians focus on the accuracy of the examinee’s responses as well as on the behaviors the examinee exhibits while solving problems. This emphasis on the quantitative results as well as on qualitative information is known as the process approach to interpretation. The purpose of this presentation is to describe how clinicians can use a process-oriented assessment, the WISC-V Integrated, to understand the cognitive abilities that contribute to a child’s performance on the WISC-V subtests. Using a case study approach, the presenter will illustrate how clinicians can use data from the WISC-V and the WISC-V Integrated to describe cognitive strengths and weaknesses, make diagnostic decisions, and generate strategies as part of a treatment plan or educational program.

    Date: Feb 03, 2016 - Time: 12:00 PM EST