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  • What Does Cognitive Training Tell Us About Brain Functioning?

    Presenter: Peter C. Entwistle, PhD & Charles Shinaver, Ph.D.

    Cogmed has been accumulating several well designed and interesting studies on brain functioning and the impact of Cogmed. This type of research is particularly distinctive to Cogmed. In fact the number of such studies reached a critical mass sufficient to include a claim on the May 2015 Cogmed Claims and evidence document stating: “Improvements in working memory following CWMT are associated with changes in functional brain activity a) seen as changes in the neurochemistry (McNab, et al., 2009), functional activity related to working memory (Olsen, et al., 2004; Westerberg, et al., 2007; Brehmer et al., 2011), and functional connectivity at rest (Astle, et al., 2015). We will review these studies supporting the intriguing notion that Cogmed evidence suggests resulting changes at the level of brain functioning.

    Date: May 04, 2016 - Time: 01:00 PM EDT