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    In this webinar we will discuss the subject of cancer in children and the potential benefit of the Cogmed working memory program. One of the first researchers to discuss pediatric cancer and Cogmed was Hardy in 2012 who looked at survivors of cancer and the benefit of the Cogmed program in boosting WM. Since then Sacks et al in 2015 did a feasibility study and Cox et al in 2015 have pursued the topic of remediation of 80 brain tumor or acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivors and the cognitive late effects of cancer.

    This is a demonstration of the idea that Cogmed can benefit a variety of different clinical populations with WM deficits. Children who have undergone radiation and chemotherapy are at risk for attention and WM deficits and Cogmed may play a role in helping these survivors to return to function.

    Date: Aug 26, 2016 - Time: 12:00 PM EDT