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  • A Hybrid Model for the Assessment of Dyslexia in California

    Presenter: Adam Scheller, PhD

    The process of Dyslexia identification is complex and dynamic, starting with the screening of reading performance, moving to diagnostic evaluation, and through progress monitoring. With the introduction of the term “Dyslexia” into the educational legislation of many states, there is a renewed need for clarity on the subject. During this one-hour webinar, Dr. Scheller will discuss an assessment toolkit model that accounts for student reading performance in combination with symptoms, causes, and risk factors known to be associated with Dyslexia. The webinar will incorporate a case study format, highlighting several Pearson assessments, and allow time for questions to address regional and state related assessment questions.

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. At the end of this webinar the learner will be able to identify the components of a hybrid model for dyslexia screening and identification.
    2. At the end of this webinar the learner will be able to list two examples of screening and assessment measure types.
    3. At the end of this webinar the learner will be able to describe a process for the interpretation of dyslexia screening and assessment findings.

    Date: Nov 07, 2017 - Time: 04:00 PM EST