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  • BASC-3 and ADHD

    Presenter: Cecil Reynolds, Ph.D.

    This training will focus on development and application of a comprehensive approach to careful diagnosis and specific interventions for ADHD under the BASC-3 models of assessment and intervention.  The BASC-3 models focus  not just on eligibility, but developing a comprehensive diagnosis and understanding of the student. Differential diagnosis that leads to a process of identification of evidence-based interventions tailored to student needs will be emphasized.  Current DSM 5 criteria are emphasized in the diagnostic process but matching to interventions is also considered important.   Actuarial approaches will be emphasized but the need to integrate these approaches to individual children will also be stressed and approaches to involving parents in the process will be discussed.  A brief discussion of the history of ADHD is given and the controversies surrounding its diagnosis addressed.  Comprehensive behaviorally based differential diagnosis is then emphasized, leading to both psychosocial and educational interventions. The need and means of monitoring treatment effectiveness are also addressed.

    Date: Oct 03, 2017 - Time: 11:30 AM EDT

    pdf PDF: BASC-3 and ADHD

    link Video: BASC-3 and ADHD