Presurgical psychological evaluation for spinal cord stimulation
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  • Presurgical psychological evaluation for spinal cord stimulation

    Presenter: Daniel Bruns, PsyD, FAPA

    The current opioid crisis has led to increased interest in alternative forms of pain treatment. One of these is spinal cord stimulation (SCS), which is an electrical treatment for pain. Research studies on SCS have shown that while there is evidence that it can alleviate pain, there is also a significant risk of complications. Studies have also shown that SCS outcome can be predicted by psychological assessment methods.

    This webinar will include:

    • A brief review of the nature of spinal cord simulation and related treatments, and how they are used to treat pain and other conditions;
    • A brief review of medical treatment guidelines for chronic pain, and why the majority of them require presurgical psychological assessment for spinal cords stimulators;
    • Theoretical paradigms of chronic pain and delayed recovery that have been adopted by guidelines;
    • Biopsychosocial risk factors for poor SCS outcome that have been identified by empirical and clinical consensus methods; and
    • Extensive supplementary materials will also be provided.
    • The use of the BHI 2 Medical Intervention Risk Report will also be discussed in this context.

    Date: Oct 25, 2017 - Time: 01:00 PM EDT