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    Presenter: Peter C Entwistle, Ph.D.

    This is "An overview of the new TEA-Ch2." The TEA-Ch is a test of children's attention, first developed in 1997, and it has recently been revised in the UK. We will review the administration, and background to the test, and explore the new features.  We will review the new sub-tests for children aged 5-7 years TEA-Ch2 J, and will explore the tests for ages 8 -15 years TEA-Ch2 A. We will review the standardization and norms, reliability, evidence of validity and special group studies. Attendees will learn how the test now covers a broader age range than the predecessor, and a much larger sample size. The scoring system will automatically generate scaled scores and index scores. A lot of the new test components are now conducted on the computer, but there are still paper and pencil tasks for children to complete. The computer presents auditory stimuli, test timing and automatic scores to enhance accuracy. Attendees will learn how it differs from the earlier version and other tests of attention in the market. 

    Date: May 04, 2017 - Time: 11:00 AM EDT

    pdf PDF: TEA-Ch2 Overview Webinar Handout

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