Working Memory and Interventions
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  • Working Memory and Interventions

    Presenter: Peter Entwistle, PhD, Dierdre Metcalf

    In this webinar we will describe what working memory (WM) is, how it differs from other types of memory, why it is important and how to assess working memory. We will consider who is at risk for WM problems, which patient populations may present with WM challenges and then we will review different approaches to improving working memory. We will review strategies to improve WM. We will also focus on interventions that use a computer application to cognitive training or rehabilitation and the listener will understand how to implement a program with fidelity to ensure it is successful. Specifically we will look closely at Cogmed & a new program to improve math skills in children with dyscalculia, or learning disability in mathematics. That program is called Dybuster Calcularis.

    Date: May 23, 2017 - Time: 12:00 PM EDT

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